Metro Civil Aboriginal Corporation

Safety First - Quality Paramount

Whilst most companies have policies and procedures in place to support their work practices, Metro Civil Aboriginal Corporation is underpinned by its unique One Team culture. One Team means that we are only as strong as our weakest link, but also share in everyone’s successes and accomplishments. We work as a team with our suppliers, subcontractors, our clients and our customers and always think about the long-term impact of our work and the decisions we make. We take fatigue management and work-life balance seriously and want to be known as an employer of choice for those who want to work in a diverse organisation. We are proud of our culture knowing that it attracts and retains the best and most diverse employees in the industry.

Our Partners

We don’t like to think of you as our clients, but rather as our partners. We will work with you in the long term to ensure your requirements are always met. We adapt to changing environments quickly and effectively to get the job done, no matter what challenges are presented. We guarantee to meet your demands in the safest and most operationally efficient way,which we see as our key strength.